Designing Statistic Graphics For Mobile Applications

Visualizing a statistic data could be difficult when it comes to mobile design. Designer must keep an eye on almost everything that he can think of and must embrace minimalism because he will have to limit the features available on each screen and use them efficiently. Of course, the designer must also pay a lot of attention to usability. If a function cannot be found, is to small to notice, or not large enough to be used, the application becomes unusable.
Below are some great inspirational examples on how top designers solve these problems.

1.Stats iOS 7 style

by David Cristian
Stats iOS 7 style [free Fireworks png]

2.Graph Screen 

by Karol Ortyl
Graph screen

3.Simple iPad Dashboard

by Jan Losert
I love Dashboards

4.Geckoboard App dark version 

by Ben Garratt
Geckoboard App dark version

5.Metric Colors 

by Andrew Witherspoon
Metric Colors

6.Tiny green app

by Darina Matvienko
Tiny green app

7.Secret App Statistics

by Martin Oberhäuser
Secret App Statistics

8.Dashboard – Gif

by Agence Me (via Barthélémy Chalvet)
Dashboard - Gif

9.Mobile Dashboard

by Simple Energy
Mobile Dashboard

10.New design for Onavo Count

by Idit yaniv
New design for Onavo Count

11.Energy Monitor UI

by Kingyo
Energy Monitor UI

12.Dashboard Widgets

by Anton Aheichanka
Dashboard Widgets

13.Bannr iOS

by Michael Zenaty
Bannr iOS

14.Barpass event view

by Axel Gillino
Barpass event view

15.Statistic UI

by Jackie Tran
Statistic UI

16.Graph screen (WIP)

by Zeki Ghulam (Flat & Filthy)
Graph screen (WIP)

17.Stats Elements (Free Fireworks PNG)

by David Cristian
Stats Elements (Free Fireworks PNG)

18.Mini Stats UI (rebound)

by Anton Aheichanka
Mini Stats UI (rebound)

19.Smart stats

by Romina Kavcic
Smart stats

20.Shots statistic

by Stoyan Daskaloff
Metric Colors