Interactive User Experience Design Presentations with Animated Gifs #1

There is no better way to explain an user experience flow on your designs then few seconds of gif animation. This will save you lines of text in your email to development department guys , and on the other hand is good presentation asset when you are ready for a client showcase. Lately gifs are coming back in play and here are few examples of how you can use them.

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Calendar Related Mobile UI Designs

It’s much more easier to use an application on your smartphone, rather than carrying around your calendar agenda:)
If you are a user interface designer you probably have made a calendar before, and know exactly how to tackle this task. However for those who need some help before starting, here are some things to keep in mind when designing a calendar and remember that simplicity and functionality is the way to go.

  • Keep it Clean – don’t go overboard with colors and gradients
  • Simple – not too many things happening at once
  • Easy to Navigate – my mother who does not even know how to open a new tab in a browser should be able to use it
  • Pleasing to the eye – nobody likes an ugly design

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Designing Statistic Graphics For Mobile Applications

Visualizing a statistic data could be difficult when it comes to mobile design. Designer must keep an eye on almost everything that he can think of and must embrace minimalism because he will have to limit the features available on each screen and use them efficiently. Of course, the designer must also pay a lot of attention to usability. If a function cannot be found, is to small to notice, or not large enough to be used, the application becomes unusable.
Below are some great inspirational examples on how top designers solve these problems.

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