Calendar Related Mobile UI Designs

It’s much more easier to use an application on your smartphone, rather than carrying around your calendar agenda:)
If you are a user interface designer you probably have made a calendar before, and know exactly how to tackle this task. However for those who need some help before starting, here are some things to keep in mind when designing a calendar and remember that simplicity and functionality is the way to go.

  • Keep it Clean – don’t go overboard with colors and gradients
  • Simple – not too many things happening at once
  • Easy to Navigate – my mother who does not even know how to open a new tab in a browser should be able to use it
  • Pleasing to the eye – nobody likes an ugly design

1.iOS 7 Calendar App Redesign

by Kyle Craven

2.Date Picker

3.Holidayfinder App

4. Calendar App


6.capp – iPhone calendar app

7.Cal App

8. Calendar App

9.Clyp Calendar

10.Calendar iPhone App

11.Calendar Matches Hc Kuban

12.iOS7 Calendar App


14.Flipweek agenda

15.Calendar Widget

16.iOS 7 University App

17.Anchor Calendar App

18. Calendar Modal

19.Stupid iCalendar

20.iOS7 Calendar App

  • The wide range of various Calendars is quite visual, but there doesn’t seem to be any Ratings from Users…? Even a +/- or *, **, *** or **** can give other Users greater feedback!

    • Thanx Tony.
      This is a good point. Will consider adding this in my future posts.